Preach and Naadei are back to host the culture and media evenings respectively.
Media evening host


For the second year running, the versatile Naadei is at the helm of the Gala Dynastie's Media evening. While the Quebec public first got to know Naadei on the highly popular reality show Occupation Double (OD), the Abitibi native's career path could make many envious. Eclecticism might well describe her professional life. At a very young age, she made the decision to pursue several different careers. She has sailed through several industries, from marketing to music. In fact, she took part in a tour with Wyclef Jean. What ties Naadei's life together is her writing. It's her outlet. In the fall of 2022, she played her first role as Victoria in the drama series Avant le crash, written by Éric Bruneau and his partner Kim Lévesque Lizotte. Naadei is a host whose aura and dynamism captivate audiences. It's a date for an exhilarating evening.

Cultural evening host


The indefatigable Preach is back at the helm of the cultural evening. He's been a member of the Gala host team for 5 years now. The comedian, whose career started late, is known to millions of Internet users, with the scathing whistle-blowing duo Aba and Preach, which he has formed in bilingual format since 2017. A columnist and comedian, he is also at the helm of the TV5 cooking show Mamma en cheffe . Preach is an artist who is always there to support causes that are dear to him, notably his 2-year involvement in the Nœuvembre event and his support for the Centre d'étude et de coopération internationale (CECI - Haïti 2021). He's a charismatic and funny host who interacts well with the crowd. Skilled in improvisation, he promises another unforgettable evening.